FOX presents an absolute preview of the first digital test coupling with pressure reading and graphics for Smartphone, Tablet or PC. The test coupling, consisting in a compact stainless steel body, that have inside a circuit which can continuously read the pressure of the system.
By connecting your Smartphone using the special cable included, the led will light up (check OTG compatibility of your Smartphone/Tablet) because it is the Smartphone/Tablet that provide a power for the test coupling. Using a simple free application available on our website, you can view the pressure in real time and download through pc the data to an Excel file in order to extract a graphics of the pressure trend.
The advantages of this test coupling are:
• More accurate reading than a normal pressure gauge
• Possibility to download an Excel table with pc of all values
• Extract a diagram of pressure trend
• Zero leakage of oil or fluid during the drain of tube
• Compatible with Android Smartphone/Tablet qualified OTG
• No special tools are necessary
• Instant reading of pressure

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Technical Features:
Working temperature: -25°C ÷ +85°C
Accuracy: ± 1% of the end of scale at 20°C
Weight: 0,05 Kg
Electric Features:
- Power supply 5V by smartphone (check OTG compatibility)
- Electrical connection Micro-Usb type B with cable OTG (on-the-go)
- Electric protection according DIN40050 IP65
- Minimum pack composed by handbag + n°3 MPS + n°1 cable + App
Warranty: see dedicated page

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