Series TMD4

Working temperature: -20°C ÷ +120°C
Fixed hysteresis value: ~ 8 °C of the setting value
Switching accuracy: ± 3.5 °C
Max temperature gradient: 1°C/min

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Weight:  0.07 Kg

 Body: in brass hexagonal, KEY27 with integral seal DIN

Electrical Features:
- Electric connection according to DIN43650, M3

- Electric protection according to CEI EN 60529, IP65

- Max load on the electric contacts:
  AC à 125V–15A / 220V–10A
à 12V–10A / 24V–5A   

see dedicated page

Spare parts: see dedicated page

- Special electrical connection

- Special value of hysteresis       

- CU-TR for Russian market

- Different setting temperatures values 

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