Series XT51

Working temperature: -20°C ÷ +100°C
Setting point: adjustable using potentiometer
Switching accuracy: ± 3% of the setting temperature value
Fixed hysteresis value: standard setting 5°C
Switching frequency: 30 cycles/min

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Weight: 0.2 Kg
Mechanical life: 2x106 cycles at 20°C
Body: square 30x30mm in brass 
Electric Features: 
- Power supply: from 12 to 24 VCC
- Electric connection according to DIN43650, M4
- Electric connection according to IEC60947-5-2, M12
- Electric protection according to DIN40050, IP65 
- Maximum contact load: 0,5 A
- Medium consumption: 20 mA
- Involatile memory: EEPROM

Warranty: see dedicated page
Spare parts: see dedicated page

On request:
- Special electrical connection
- Special value of hysteresis       
- CU-TR for Russian market
- Special hydraulic connection

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