Series ZVL

Working temperature: -20°C ÷ +80°C
Switching frequency: 20 cycles/min
Switching accuracy: 10% of the end of scale to 20°C
Hysteresis value: adjustable gap between all range of scale
Range of the adjustment: from 1% to 100% of the end of scale value

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Weight: 0,8 Kg
Mechanical life: 10x106 cycles at 20°C
Body: in anodized aluminium, with wetted parts in zinc plated steel
optional in stainless steel and plastic

It's suggest vertical position with the direction of the fluid from bottom to top and at least 30 mm away from magnetic fields and ferrous parts
Display: n°3 digits of 7.6 mm, flowrate visual in %

Electric Features: 
- Maximum contact load: 0,5 A
- Contacts (NA+NC – NC+NC – NA+NA)
- Output signal 4-20mA combinable to contacts (only with M12 connector)
- Electric connection according to DIN43650, M3
- Electric connection according to IEC60947-5-2, M12
- Electric protection according to CEI EN 60529, IP65
- Medium consumption: <50 mA
- Power supply: from 10 to 30 Volt
- Interference emission and immunity according to EN 61.326

Warranty: see dedicated page
Spare parts: see dedicated page

On request:
- Special electrical connection
- CU-TR for Russian market    
- ZVL...PVC in PVC-U, pmax 10 bar, availability to check

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